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Post  Faith on Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:43 pm

Hi all i would like to apply for your alliance and since i havent seen a way to do that in game i decided to go on forums if that is allright with all of you otherwise just delete this post.

well my score is 172 points which is nothing i know but like all in games you gotta start somewhere
no much more i can actualy say about my account ... i got 2 small cargos Razz

basicly why i am applying for your alliance is because i was impressed with alliance description which i saw in game. most of the rest dont bother with it or simply write "join us" but since you didnt i assume you all know a lot about this game and i could learn a lot from you.

stuff about me (nothing juicy though) :
well my name will stay annonymus for the time being but i can tell you i'm from slovenia and i'm 22 years old, at this moment i'm studying to be mechatronics ingineer just to advance my studies a bit more then highschool
during my free time i normaly play ogame and runescape or just do a little magic on my pc

my playing style :
i like challenges most of all so i've decided i'm going to play ogame more or less passive, slowly gathering resources while moving them away from possible attacks

this is my 1st time i wrote an application for ogame so if you wish to ask me something you can do that via message system in game or simply write a reply on this post
(miss application forms from WoW hehe)

looking forward to your reply,
Faithishly (ingame nickname)

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