Putting up the right Colonies.

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Putting up the right Colonies. Empty Putting up the right Colonies.

Post  sridanu on Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:44 pm

Establishing colonies is a very important thing in Ogame. But which strategy suits you the best is up for you to decide.

Here are some tips for you to decide which planets and which systems to choose when building up your empire

Tip no 1 - Always colonize slots no 4,5 and 6

These slots have the highest probability of giving you colonies larger than 200 fields. As you progress in the game having more fields in your planet becomes a distinct advantage.

Tip no 2 - Think if you are going to be a Miner or a Raider

Miners are players who do not raid very often and rely very heavily on their own mines. The Objective is to build up a set o colonies that are close by and self reliant. If you decide to be a miner then the next thing you need to decide is to where to place your colonies. The further away from raiders the better. Build your colonies close by to each other. But definitely not in the same system. Spread them out but not too far away. You should try to have about 6 planets within the space of 50 Systems. This way you can pump resources from one planet to another very fast.

Pros :
Able to Quickly transport resources,
Able to Quickly Defend colonies by sending ships,

Cons :
Unable to raid properly,
Having Colonies close by means that high rank players can track you easily
Can be a bit boring.

Raiders are players who rely equally on their own mines as well as other players. Main objective is to have a raiding fleet that is able to raid most planets at will. If you decide to be a raider then the best choice is to spread your planets on 3 adjacent Galaxies. With each Galaxy having about 3 planets. In each galaxy the planets should be at least 75 - 100 Systems away. This will give you a wide range of targets in multiple galaxies.

Pros :
Have a wide range of raiding targets.
A lot more fun.
Hard for players to track you.

Cons :
Transporting between colonies takes time.
Works effectively only if there exists a moon with a jump gate on most of the planets.

Tip no 3 - prepare for ACS
ACS allows you to defend other ally mates, Be defended by them and allow to join them on ACS raids. But this is only feasible if you have planets close to allies.

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