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Post  dkmck on Sun Nov 29, 2009 2:22 am

A high percentage of new ogame players are confused about this Intergalactic Research Network. What it really means and how it works and why we make it etc.. I had the same question in my mind when I'm playing in Uni19 as a normal player in normal rank. But didn't understand. So asked my master the Warchief of The Dark Knights. He taught me what it means and how it works.. I'll explain point wise.

Like a Star @ heaven Intergalactic Research Network(IRN) means doing researches with the help of two or many combined Research labs. What? Combined research labs? YES. When you research this tech it'll upgrade the technology of out colonies to communicate with our other colonies.

Like a Star @ heaven So you can connect to remote research labs and gather the help of them to do researches faster.

Like a Star @ heaven When you keep on upgrading the researches the required time becomes higher and higher. For buildings we have robotic factory and Nanite factory to fast the makings and upgradings. But what is for researches?

Like a Star @ heaven For researches the introduced technique was IRN. You combine research labs of a number of colonies(this dependson the IRN level) together and make the combined lab level high and do researches faster. So :-
If you have IRN lvl 1 It'll combine two highest leveled research labs at two different colonies together and do the research.

Examples :-
Arrow Think that you have research labs like this :-
Col1 Research Lab level 10
Col2 Research Lab level 08
Col3 Research Lab level 03
And you researched IRN level1 It'll combine the highest level two labs together and as here level10 and level 08 and Make the combined lab level as level 18 (these are not vincible Razz ) and do the research. If it's IRN level 2 it'll make the combined lab as level 21 and make the research faster and if it's IRN level 3 still the combined level is 21 as only three cols have research labs.

Remember these are my own words and someone might be able to explain further with links and help of the web Smile Hope you got it Wink HF!!

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